macOS 10.14 Mojave

Has anyone tried Panorama 6 on macOS 10.14 Mojave?

Yes, I updated to Mojave and Pan 6 so far is working normally.

Well, it does work, but not normally. E.g., it cannot calculate the function


if you do not give Panorama 6 access rights to your full disk in the system preferences:

Some of my typical workflows are about importing text files. Now, with the same files, I get an error message:

I was often bugged by this message. My recollection is that I used the filetypecreator statement to make a text file recognisable to Panorama 6.0.

Type and Creator codes go back to OS9 and earlier, when Pan6 started. OSX and apps under it mostly stopped using them, but Pan6 continued to use them under OSX. The HFS+ file system still supported them so it could. I don’t know whether Apple’s AFPS includes them, if not that might be a problem for Pan6 when using openfile for text files. AFPS was optional for High Sierra, but for SSD drives it is mandatory for Mojave.

IIRC Pan6 has an opentext or some such statement that dodged the type/creator code check.

John, you are right, and replacing openfile with opentextfile did that part of the job. So my text file import is working again now under Mojave.

(But since I have migrated all my important files to Panorama X, this kind of double work in Panorama 6 does not make too much sense for me any more.)

Can’t help you there, I’ll only be upgrading shortly before 10.15 comes out, I’ve only recently upgraded to High Sierra. I find new releases extremely buggy these days and prefer to wait.