Mac Database discussion on MacInTouch forum

Recently there has been a discussion about Mac databases on a discussion thread.

Today a couple of Panorama X users chimed in with some very nice comments!

  • MichaelB – “…Panorama is the way to go for the most part…”
  • Doug-C – “As far as I am concerned, Panorama is definitely the way to go. It is affordable and super-powerful.”

Looking back earlier, there were some additional nice comments on this thread earlier this year:

  • Dave B – “…I would like to say that I am a big fan of ProVUE Panorama. It is a great product - worthy of checking into.”
  • Ric Ford (publisher of MacInTouch) – “…Panorama X from ProVue is an innovative and cost-effective Mac-based professional database development app.”

If Michael, Doug or Dave (or Ric) is reading this forum, thanks!

Also, reading the additional posts, it seems Claris will be priced way out of “for the rest of us” market and cater more towards “Big Business”. So people are either holding on to earlier versions of FileMaker or are looking around for alternatives.