M1 Mac & Parallels / Panorama 6

I was using an Intel Mac with Parallels running Mojave to enable me to continue using Panorama 6 where necessary.

Am I correct that now that I am using a new M1 Mac, that the required new Paralells can not run Mojave, thus I can not run Panorama 6 via any method on a M1 Mac?

As far as I know there is no way to run any 32 bit software on an M1 Mac. Definitely Parallels cannot run anything earlier than Big Sur (because Big Sur is the earliest version of macOS that is based on Apple Silicon code).

As I can no longer run a needed Panorama 6 in Parallels environment, I am now attempting to install that on a High Sierra mini that is already currently running an Enterprise server. If I use the Panorama app, modify and then attempt to save changes, I get the click on the blue letters. I press the Register button in that dialog and get the Single CPU License window which shows Enterprise loaded but I can not figure out how to add the license that was being used in my previous Parallels environment. How do I use a register Panorama.app on that computer?

You cannot install two Panorama 6 serial numbers on a single computer, it’s simply not possible.

Is that to say that I can not have a full working copy of Panorama 6 along with using Enterprise on a computer?

I do believe that I have used Panorama 6 on a computer with Enterprise and not had to deal with the blue click letters. How did I do that? What am I doing wrong?

By itself, a Panorama serial number does nothing. However, each serial number could be associated with one or more product codes that would enable particular functions. There was a product code for each version of Panorama (4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0), one for Panorama Direct, and different codes for server database sharing (depending on the number of users) and web sharing. When you activate a serial number, all of the product codes that were purchased with that serial number are automatically activated.

Back when Panorama 6 was still be sold, it was possible to purchase a server code and also purchase a Panorama product code on the same serial number. However, that wasn’t the default.

It sounds like you have two serial numbers – one with product codes for server, and one with product codes for Panorama. When I say you can’t install two serial numbers, that means that you can’t combine the product codes for two different serial numbers on a single computer. You can only activate the product codes for one serial number on a computer at a time.

You may have had a different serial number that did have the product code for Panorama purchased for it.

In the past, the solution would be that you could purchase a Panorama product code as an add-on for the serial number that is running on your server.

Aren’t we all glad that Panorama X has permanently done away with serial numbers and product codes?!

I have been unable to activate my copy of Panorama 6 for some months now at great personal inconvenience. We have had extensive correspondence on this topic and I have no wish to take up more of your time unnecessarily but one aspect of your reply above may hold the clue. Even though I have paid for a full copy of Panorama 6, when I boot it up it shows as Panorama Engine, hence the blue character screen so it’s clearly choosing the ‘wrong’ product code.

To be honest, no. I now have to maintain 1 more computer be able to service my clients. I should be able to run both Enterprise server and Panorama 6 on the same computer but because I can not alter/add the supposed Enterprise server to code to allow that, I have to run 1 more older device.