Lots of crashing

I have been working on a file which I brought over from Panorama 6. It displays with many matrices. I have been converting Text Label objects to Text Display. I have trouble with getting rid of the Text Labels. Deleting one makes all of them disappear, although everything seems to work when I get out of graphic mode. Undoing that makes Panorama crash.

I suspect that rebuilding the form will fix it, but it should not crash in the first place.

PanX is a sensitive thing, and will crash if certain operations are not done in the proper order, so great care must be taken and tutorials should be viewed… I had an old form, possibly dating from the Boer War Panorama, that crashed the program every time I attempted to view it - just last night -and the only solution was to go to “View Organizer” - second from top in the “View” menu and delete same. I probably hadn’t tried to view it in memory, and my need for it was therefore as outdated as its underpinnings, but it would have been nice to give it a decent burial, nonetheless…
I can state categorically that after over 30 years of using a MAC, and only slightly less as a Panorama user, that I have devoted exponentially more time in converting my old Panorama files to PANX than I have devoted to ANY other upgraded application and it’s children, bar none. As an individual with multiple professions and a catholicity of general interests, and therefore a gazillion different programs installed, the prospect of relearning and reorganizing an application from the ground up has never been high on my list of spare time activities, but it is what it is, and as frustrating as this has been, I somehow suspecting that attempting to convert to FileMaker or the like could only lead to madness or suicide, so I persevere…

I feel the same way. I think that the conversion problem is fraught with perils.

BruceDeB http://forum.provue.com/u/brucedeb
February 10
I feel the same way. I think that the conversion problem is fraught with perils.

Indeed, and at my age I don’t take perils lightly, even when forced to face them…:slight_smile:

Good luck!


I thought I would chime in as an old timer, having used Pan since I think early 1990’s. I bought the 5 year plan from Jim, as my way of thanking him for all the years of support and fun of using the old Panorama. Maybe it is age, but I am struggling with Pan X and the completely different way of doing things. And I was one who thought it was important to upgrade and modernize.

One of things I think may just be holding back a totally new group of users is there are no very good samples being shown, just some of the left over’s from days gone by. As one who never got into doing a lot of tutorial readings for any apps, I am inclined not to get bogged down with viewing videos or reading tutorials. I like to see samples and learn from them.

I spent two months a few summers ago learning a web design program and did so with little help other than seeing samples and asking a few questions. Most of what I see in the Pan forum is advanced coding issues that the ordinary user has little need for. I don’t want to insult anyone, because I enjoy reading all the posts, but getting Pan X to generate data and html files for posting on web pages, etc. is more in line with practical application of Pan X.

I imaging that Jim is going through the same problems dealing with Apple’s newer programming methods.

What is really frustrating is that the graphic mode editing is so buggy. Objects do not move correctly, leaving artifacts behind, and then Panorama crashes. Starting over is difficult, because I have a bunch of code written in these graphic items. Carrying it over is hit and miss.

Incidentally, I think I have tracked down much of the problem. There are several forms in the database that I am working on, and they have one or two different matrices. The boxes that have the content have been carried over, and seem to have the same name in different forms, and that seems to be confusing Panorama.

Well, doing that makes it work better. But there are still problems. The last one was a form, that, after editing, refused to close. I had to force quit to close it.

But afterwords, it looks and acts the way I want it to, I think!