Lost View Menu, can't find forms or procedures

I really have two problems.
I find this morning that my View Menu has disappeared, restricting me from any forms or procedures. I tried to reach the Forum on my new computer and log in but the Provue server won’t accept my login. Several days ago I changed over or at least I thought I changed over to the new machine but something isn’t right. I’m sending this on my old machine. Any suggestions.(Also the program is still crashing and hanging on the new OS but not as often. This transition has been very difficult.)

That means you aren’t logged in. You can always easily check if you are logged in by opening the Site License window from the Panorama menu. If you are not logged in, you need to be.

This forum is completely separate from Panorama X itself. You could set them up with the same email address and password, but you don’t have to. It sounds like probably you set up a different password for the forum. You have to keep track of your passwords yourself, we can’t do that for you. If you lose the password, you’ll have to reset it, we have no way to get your password and send it to you (either for the forum password or for the Panorama X password).

Mr Rea
With profound sadness and regret I write this letter. I mean no malice or offense but PanoramaX is not for me.
I’ve had a lifetime of using Panorama and I found it straightforward, easy to use and FAST. Its allowed me to earn a living and have fun at the same time. But from my perspective Panorama X is none of the above. Even with the new faster Mac and its latter OS the program still crashes and hangs. I’m still debugging my procedures and I learned yesterday that with the way the program calculates, I will have to add the pattern( fragment to over 2,000 lines of code if I want to eliminate 16 decimal places. There are no split screens and SaveAll is gone. The procedure font is unchangable and is so small that I actually have to use a magnifying glass to read the lines. Can you imagine how long it would take me to type those 2,000 pattern( statements using my left hand to hold the magnifying glass and typing one handed. Plus there are so many changes in the way you use the program and I just don’t have the desire to relearn the changes to the original stuff plus the new stuff. But the biggest issue I have and the main reason for my change of heart in the new program is the extremely slow speed of the procedures. In Pan6 my end of day run takes 50 minutes and I consider that a good time for all that the program does but I estimate PanX will take over three hours and probably closer to four to cover the same ground. I just can’t afford that kind of time added to an already busy schedule.
Believing PanoramaX would satisfy, I bought a five year license. Would it be possible for a refund of 285.00, paying for the first month.
I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. It’s truly a sad day.

David Schranck