Lookup not working/Relational workshop not working?

I have two databases (“CookBookPanX210107” and “CkBkDates”) where each contains a field “Name of recipe” and also “Date”. The first database has a field named “Scratch”.
I can’t seem to get a simple lookup to work. I have tried several variations (quoted various ways, using “{”, quotes, etc.)
(In CookBookPanX210107):
Scratch=lookup(“CkBkDates”,“Name of recipe”,“Name of recipe”,“Date”,"",0)
…This fails repeatedly
Also, the Relational Workshop doesn’t seem to show properly (nothing is filled in to capture … )

Any suggestions on my errors appreciated.

The third parameter shouldn’t be quoted like that. Doing so makes the text “Name of recipe” the actual key value, rather than the content of that field. That field at least, should be enclosed in chevrons. This function will also allow you to enclose the other field names in chevrons, even though those parameters are there to name a field, rather than supply a value, so you could just use chevrons for all three field names.

I tried the Relational Workshop, and I’m not getting any text in the box for Relational Lookup Code either, but if I click the Copy button it still puts the text on the clipboard, and dragging to a procedure window works as well.

You’re right. It works in b18 though. I’m going to recall b19 and recommend that everyone move back to b18.

Thanks, Dave! :wink:
Uh oh, Jim! :frowning: