Lookup( isn't returning anything

After converting several databases, I am finding that none of the lookup( statements I used successfully in Pan 6 are returning anything except the default, which is usually a blank. No error messages, just no success. Looking at the documentation in both Pan 6 and Pan X, they look identical to each other and I don’t know what to do to make it work in Pan X.

Do the files still have the same names they had in Pan 6, or have they had (Panorama 6) added to the name?


I am seeing the same problem. A lookup in the same file (the active database) is not working. Do we have to add the file extension to the name?

No, I took off the (panorama 6) part. I tried adding “.pandb” to the file name in the lookup and nothing improved. I do find that if there is an error in the formula for a text field, the error message displays in the text field, but unless the field is quite large I can’t see enough of the error message to know what’s wrong. Is there a way to see an entire error message?

I’m wondering why you would use lookup( within the same database, when you could just reference the field directly.

The value you want isn’t in the same record.

Interesting, never thought of needing that.

I just tried a test case in both Pan 6 and Pan X. It worked in 6, not in X. I will need to do more testing to see if there are some cases where it works, and others where it doesn’t, but it looks like we have a bug.


After further review, it looks like the function works if the key field and data field have one word names, but fails if there are spaces in the names.


Dave is right: My field names did contain spaces. My following tests showed that the field name must not contain a hyphen, too.

But: Field names may contain the underscore character _ .

I’m glad you guys have narrowed down the source of the problem. My next questions is: is this considered a bug? Will it be fixed, or do I need to do some heavy renaming and editing in many files and procedures? The offending data fields are surrounded by chevrons, that used to be enough.

This problem has already been fixed and should be in the next Panorama X update whenever that might be released. This is what Jim noted on Bitbucket:

The lookup( function now works correctly if the key field name contains a space or other unusual punctuation. Fixes issue #527.

Thanks Gary. I got to Bitbucket once before, and I could probably have answered my own question, but I can’t recall how I got there. Can someone illuminate me one more time?

Here is the page I go to: https://bitbucket.org/jimrea/panoramax/issues

That’s what I’m looking for, thank you.

FYI, if you sign up for a BitBucket account you can ask to be notified by email when the status of a bug changes (you tell it you want to watch that issue).

I see that BitBucket is owned by Atlassian, an Australian start-up, recently listed on the NASDAQ. It’s not just Hollywood we’re taking over :slight_smile:


I knew that BitBucket was owned by Atlassian, but I wasn’t aware it was an Australian company. In any case, BitBucket has worked very well for this project. I also use their SourceTree program for version control.