Logon Issues (with Password paste)

I have been logged out of Panorama (see Is Sonoma 14.4 Problematic? )

On the Panoram Site License panel, Log On tab, I get invited to enter my Email and password. When I do, I get a message at the bottom saying Contacting Server … and then the message saying Logon failed – email or password is incorrect.

AFAICS, my email and password are correct as they are recorded in my password manager.

There are some other oddities | bugs with this dialogue. In the Email field, I can right-click > Paste or CMD-V my email address. In the Password field, I can’t right-click > Paste my password (even though Paste is offered to me, I get an audible alert) but I can successfully CMD-V the password. In addition the the Show Password check box isn’t respected. It is unticked but after pasting (CMD-V) the password, it is displayed. Ticking the Show Password checkbox hides it. So it is working back to front.

Update: If I type the password in, then the Show Password checkbox is respected and the sign-in works. So it looks like there is a bug | feature with pasting the password.

The password field has special logic with regard to copy/paste. If the password is hidden, then you can’t copy or paste.

If the password is not hidden, then you can copy and paste with the Edit menu. When you use CMD-C and CMD-V you are using the Edit menu, so those work. Panorama has special logic for the Edit menu that checks whether or not the password is hidden and adjusts accordingly. Since the Edit menu is set up and controlled by ProVUE, ProVUE’s code is able to make the necessary adjustment.

When you right click on a field, the pop-up menu that appears is actually generated/controlled by Apple’s code - ProVUE’s code isn’t involved. Apple’s code doesn’t know how to adjust for whether or not the password is hidden, so pasting simply doesn’t work from this popup menu. This is a minor bug, there probably is some way to customize Apple’s code to make this work, but I’m not going to spend any resources on that (especially since I’m pretty sure that Apple has not documented how to customize this - it would have to be reverse engineered).

In another post you mentioned that the password doesn’t work with your password manager. I’m not surprised, the password manager doesn’t know anything about Panorama’s custom handling of the password field, and Panorama doesn’t know anything about the password manager.