Locked Pan App won't delete

From my Mac, I tried to delete some older PanX apps from my “warehouse” drive; one was designated PanoramaX.app and the other was PanoramaX_3846.app. Apple gave me an error message saying something was locked and suggested checking GetInfo to unlock it. Neither File was Locked. All access is Read&Write. I checked Force Quit and PanX was not running in the background.

In both cases, while attempting to delete, the progress dialog said there were three items inside the app.

When I opened the warehouse drive on the PC and trashed PanoramaX_3846 from there, It deleted without a problem, and the “file” that said just PanoramaX.app was gone too.

This post was going to be a “How do I delete them?” question but now it’s just a report in case anyone else experiences the same. I tried to delete from two Macs - one running High Sierra 10.13.6, and the other running Ventura 13.1.

Ah - One answer to the “two files” mystery is that sometimes the warehouse drive - Apple says formatted as AppleShare, PC says formatted as NTFS; I have an NTFS extension on both Macs - shows a duplicate file name file (two files with same name, one much larger than the other - usually .jpg) if the file came from Mac. So that PanoramaX.app might have been part of the PanoramaX_3846 folder (the icon didn’t render as a folder on the Mac) and successfully deleting the Folder also got rid of the PanoramaX.app file.

Now that I have an adequate backup drive for the Mac, and I’m not running PanX on the PC, I no longer need to put those files on the common (warehouse) drive. Storing Mac files on that common drive was a carryover from earlier days (years).