Locked out of panx

i’ve migrated my application to a new computer and now find myself locked out.
panx won’t accept my password, although i have no reason to think it’s wrong.

i’ve tried to reset the password and haven’t gotten the email with the reset code.

Sam, I just checked the server logs. Our mail service has sent you three password reset emails this morning, most recently at 11:24 AM, though I’m not sure what time zone that is (clearly not Pacific Time). All of them are reported as “accepted” by your email ISP. If you don’t see them, check your spam folder. Also, please make sure your email client and ISP are set up to receive emails from the mg.provue.com domain. “mg” is the prefix for Mailgun, the email delivery service we use. We use Mailgun because the specialize in ensuring high delivery rates for email, but once the email gets to your ISP there is nothing further we can do to make sure it actually shows up in your inbox.

i’m really sorry but they’ve all lapsed.
please try again.

The system is fully automatic, there is no way to manually initiate a password reset email from our end. You’ll need to try again on your side.