Local PanoX Consultant?

We’re in Marin County, CA, and would like to hire a consultant to come and help with our issues.

Hi Eric. I am in Los Angeles. Please contact me at jk@acaciasystems or call me at (562) 437-7690and I will be happy to discuss your needs with you. Thank you.

Oops. That jk@acaciasystems.com.

Hi Eric,

I would be happy to help.

I am in Los Angeles but I currently support clients from New York to Alaska and points in between. I have been consulting and training with Panorama since 1985. I have taken all the Pan X classes and converted 2 solutions for clients thus far.

You can find out more about me and my company here: http://www.acaciasystems.com/2k/databases/index.htm http://www.acaciasystems.com/2k/databases/index.htm

Please contact me if you are interested.



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