Loadurl( unknown?

I am not certain what the problem is, but I can use the statement loadurl, but the function loadurl( comes back as unknown function. Same with url( and urltask(.

That is odd. The loadurl statement is a custom statement with just one line of code.

setparameter 1,loadurl(parameter(2))

Bruce, these functions definitely work, and Panorama would not even be able to launch if these functions were not present (Panorama uses them to contact the provue.com server and check your registration). Perhaps if you can provide more specific information about your usage the problem can be diagnosed.

I found what I was doing wrong, and it is something that has bitten me before. I was calling a function without putting it somewhere. Once wrote variable=loadurl(whateverurl), I did not get the error. loadurl(whateverurl) by itself gives an “unknown statement” error.