Loadurl command

Hello Everybody,

I notice that the loadurl command works differently in PanX than it does in Pan6.

A procedure in Pan6 which uses the loadurl command to download a page source, downloads only a portion of the text. But the same exact procedure (copied and pasted) in PanX correctly downloads the entire page source text.

The actual page source text is properly shown within the browser, and that entire text is what PanX downloads. But only a portion of it gets downloaded in Pan6.

Is there a more general command - in Pan6 - which will download the entire page source text from the web browser? Apparently, PanX corrected a small bug in the Pan6 loadurl command so that the PanX version of the command works properly. Is there a Pan6 work-around?

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There’s no reason for Panorama 6 to do a partial download. How do you know that it is doing that? If you are displaying the text, perhaps the content contains text that is not readable by Panorama 6. Modern web content is pretty much all Unicode text, but Panorama 6 only supports the older MacOS Roman text format. Panorama 6 doesn’t really know what to do with Unicode text. This is yet another reason to dump Panorama 6 and stick with Panorama X exclusively.

Just to clarify, neither version of Panorama downloads text from a web browser. There is no browser involved, the text is directly downloaded from the specified web server.

Nope. Actually, the web access code for these two versions is completely different. Panorama 6 downloads text using the curl shell command. Curl is an open source project with a history going back 25 years, they are claiming it has been installed over 20 billion times. The chances of a major bug in curl such as you are describing is pretty much zero.


Panorama X uses the web code built into macOS. This is the same code used by Safari, Mail, and virtually everything else on macOS.

Bottom line, it’s really long past time to retire any Panorama 6 applications you may be using – especially if you are interfacing with the internet or any other application that uses Unicode.

Hello Jim,
Thanks for such a full explanation of the difficulty I’m encountering. Your first paragraph must be the cause of the problem, i.e., Pan6 cannot display unicode text. Below are windows from Pan6, and PanX, showing the loadurl variable for the EXACT same procedure (copied and pasted).



The first few characters are the same in both, but Pan6 then stops its display for a few lines, and picks up intermittently. The PanX widow shows the full text as displayed in the page-source window.

May I make an additional observation?

I thought I would be very clever, and simply copy the PanX version of the loadurl custom statement into my Pan6. But “…the best laid plans …etc”. When I looked at the PanX version of the statement, it consists of 1 (one) line of code, WHICH INCLUDES THE LOADURL COMMAND ITSELF! I would have thought that would result in an infinite recursion. But apparently not. In fact, I can’t even understand the grammar of the PanX code.

But your main point is still valid. Perhaps I should continue to convert to PanX. Even though I am still in love with Pan6, maybe it’s time to forge a new relationship. I hope my wife never reads this message.


No, it doesn’t. The code for the loadurl statement uses the loadurl( function. The function is a different thing from the statement, so no recursion happens, everything works fine.

Panorama 6 also had a loadurl( function but the way things worked from the opposite – the loadurl( function used the statement internally, instead of the other way around.

Heh heh, you didn’t really think for a second that would work, did you? You are pretty much never going to be able to swap internal components between Panorama 6 and Panorama X.