loadURL and cloudflare protected sites

It seems that when using LoadURL to access a cloudflare protected site that cloudflare effectively prevents the Loadurl( function from loading the desired page. In my tests, Panorama loads the initial cloudflare protection screen but not the actual site.

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With CloudFlare, unlike captcha, there is no human interaction, just a delay while apparently cloudflare checks various things and then loads the site. So in theory it ought to be able to be automated. Does anyone have a way to circumvent this?

Just two cents based on using cloudflare for a variety of websites…. If you control the endpoint that you are trying to load then maybe try using bot fight mode on cloudflare instead of the “I’m under attack”

If the trouble is that the site you are loading is not yours, then you’re gonna have trouble unless you use a human interaction browser. Cloudflare is detecting that loadurl is a script and the JavaScript they use to see if it is being viewed in a window that had interaction is failing.

Only way I’ve been able to get passed pages that are on cloudflare with “I’m under attack” mode on is to first open the page in a safari window so that cloudflare whitelists the IP for a period of time.

So try that with your script…. Open the url in a safari window…. Wait for five to ten seconds …. Then use LoadURL in panorama. It should be fine then since you let cloudlfare detect a human

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