Live Calendar has Skipped a Session

The live calendar has skipped over today’s second session. It shows next Tuesday as the next session.

I think Jim is losing it. He looked pretty blurry at the end of the last session.

Yes I notice this too. Guess we should just wait a while.

Now corrected.

Sorry, i changed the time to 2:30, and forgot to include the “PM”. So it assume it was 2:30 AM and that it was done. Corrected it about 20 minutes before the session. It’s always something.

there was a session on thursday?.. i waited around for a couple hours but never saw a refresh… videos, i guess.

is there somewhere that session times are posted that i can see without needing panorama?


I am seeing the next class as

Is this correct?

Yes, but that is only tentative according to Jim. He could possibly even delay the next class further down the road as he wanted to put time into coding.

I announced both in an email and in both classes last Tuesday that we would be taking a “semester break” of unknown length. This is to give me a chance to catch up on bug fixes, administrative tasks, new slides, and sleep. I’m not yet caught up on these items, so the exact schedule for resuming classes has not yet been fixed (the March 2 date shown on the calendar is definitely not set in stone.)

Bottom line – I’m sorry you were waiting on Thursday, but the good news is that you didn’t miss anything.

I just remembered that I can put a note in the banner of the Course Calendar – so I have modified this to show that we are on break.