Linking two databases

designer You hit the nail on the head. It is time to redesign my very old original db.
I have created in PanX two databases in one folder and have successfully linked two similar fields with clairvoyance (so I know they are linked).

However I prefer to use Sku numbers to bring a Description from one db to the other db. I would be much easier to just type in a Sku number and have the pre-written description text pulled from one db into the other.

Both databases contain similar fields Sku and Description.
Any suggestions how I should fill in the Database Options > Relations window?
Your help is greatly appreciated.

This exact topic is discussed in detail on this help page.

It is also covered in great detail in the Mastering Panorama X 10.2 video course.

Fields have the exact name: Sku and des1 in each db.
When in Database Options> Relations window there is the Ω replacing the 1. Sku+" “+«desΩ» is in one list and Sku+” "+des1 is in the other list.l Not an exact match.
One of the databases in the folder has 12 Description fields: (des1-12). The lookup db only has one des1 field and one Sku field.
Error message is: Join Key Formula Error: Field or Variable [desΩ] does not exist.
Is the desΩ causing the problem?

Will gladly purchase the video if this will help explain the fix. Cannot seem to fix it after hours carefully reading the tutorials and trying over and over.

Here is the information about setting up relations with line item fields.

If a field name ends with a number, Panorama thinks it is a line item field, and in certain situations it gets special handling. This is one of those situations. Since des1 is not a line item field, you should give it a name that doesn’t end with a number, perhaps just des or description.

Eliminated the ending numbers in the field name hoping to solve the problem. Did not solve problem

  • Created two PanX databases in one folder. TargetDB and RecipientDB

  • Two fields, exact match in each db: sku and desc (no ending numbers)

  • Want to type a sku # in the TargetDB and have it bring in prewritten text from the desc field in the recipientDB.

  • My first attempt : go to File>Database Options>Relations opens the Relations window.

  • Tried to carefully follow the tutorial and could not get sku to bring in description text.

  • I was able retrieve prewritten text using clairvoyance (CV) from the RecipientDB. so I know the link works.

  • Also want to be able to edit that prewritten text, if necessary. That also works.

  • We prefer and it is much faster to use sku numbers than CV.

  • Next attempt I put a formula into the descriptions field of the TargetDB.

that I got from using the Relational Workshop.

  • This worked. Typed in the sku#, tab to the next cell, it brought in the entire line of prewritten text. Great.

  • Tho only major problem is that I cannot edit any of the text in any of my 12 description lines.

  • We mainly use the prewritten text however there are times where we have to edit and change a word or two. No reason to have a sku# and description text in a lookup database to “adjust door knob”. Small orders like that we just want to type in and assign a line item price.

Greatly appreciate any suggestions,


Why can’t you edit them?