Limitation on the number of Case Info("Trigger") = "Button.Find XXXX"

In Panorama classic I was pulling my hair out when adding another Case Info(“Trigger”) = “Button.Find XXXX” function I was getting errors.

It seems that the maximum in that procedure is 71. Has anyone else encountered this? I confirmed on an old laptop too.

I am running Sierra on a Mac Pro late 2013.

There really was no dialog, just the dreaded red bar at the bottom. I only figured it out by accident.



What was the error message in the red bar?

I don’t recall a limit, but it’s possible. In Panorama 6 there is definitely a limit on the total size of the procedure, it’s around 28k. So you may be running into that.

An old Panorama Fact Sheet I have states the limit of the procedure text @ 32,768.

That’s the theoretical limit (2^15), but don’t ask me how I know that the real limit is several kilobytes lower than that. (This limit is in Apple’s code, not Panorama’s.) Fortunately, this limit no longer applies to Panorama X.