Licensing for Panorama 6 Classic

Hello Friends,
Our dayschool bought the license for Panorama X for a year. Found that Pan X was a little difficult so we downloaded Panorama 6 and find that it meets our needs. After about 2 weeks it went into a restricted mode. My question is how do you license Panorama 6 Classic to take off the warnings?

Panorama 6 is discontinued, it is no longer available for purchase.

Hi Jim,
Maybe I am not making myself clear. Can Panorama 6 still be used without any licensing. I understand that it is no longer sold or supported. When we call the 800 number there is no return call.

Help. We are a licensed user of Panorama X. We are using Panorama 6 with a dialog warning saying we have 11 days remaining. This is getting frustrating paying for Panorama X and not being able to use Panorama Classic.

Your license for Panorama X does not include an automatic license for the previous, outdated and no longer supported Panorama 6 version. I don’t really know of any software that includes automatic licenses for previous versions when you purchase the current version. Since ProVue is no longer selling Panorama 6 licenses, your only hope of using it as a licensed version is to try and have a current license holder who is no longer using it to transfer his license to you privately.

Your other post regarding the AppleScript error is just another symptom (this one related to Mojave) of what you can expect in coming macOS upgrades using the now antiquated Panorama 6. Rumor is that in one of the next major upgrades it will not work at all. Your current trial version of Panorama 6 will continue to work after the trial period but will be restricted and require clicking words in a text message to save once the database exceeds a certain size.


I know you are reluctant to commit to Panorama X and understand your position due to features you may miss from Panorama 6, some remaining bugs as well as a somewhat uncomfortable learning curve. I just don’t see any way to avoid making the jump sometime in the near future.

Thank you Gary for your excellent explanation. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and convert a very complicated Pan 6 database to Pan X. I tried it once about 6 months ago and realized that basic things like alerting me to a duplicate entry was not implemented. It has been a long long time since an updated Pax X version has been made available. I would feel better if Jim came out with monthly updates.

Jim is totally immersed in the Enterprise implementation and has kind of put bug fixes and such to the side until he get this finished (or at least ready for beta testing). I’m sure he will get back to more frequent releases at that time although I would suspect much of those will revolve around Enterprise issues. I know we all would like some of our favorite bugs addressed but I can understand that Jim needs the Enterprise version available to add to the financial coffers and keep Panorama viable in the marketplace.

They are two different programs. It’s like saying, I have a license for MS Word, so why can’t I use Excel.

Okay, I am not going to beat this thing to death. I bought the 60 month license for Pan X for $300 32 months ago. I don’t know what Enterprise implementation is but I would think that you would want to finish the full implementation of Panorama X first and implement at least the things we had in Pan 6 that were so useful to the average user. I have another 28 months before my license expires. It would be my hope that there would be an update soon.