Legacy Font problem - Times not recognized

When I open a set of old files - a design made prior to Pan 5 or older - I get a warning that Times is not installed. As I go forward, all the fields and labels have been changed to Geneva. Within a six character string, there is only room for five Geneva characters of the same size. So fields and labels are cut off - and they stay cut off when the file is returned to the user.

I clearly have Time (New Roman) installed in my system because I used it to compare the two strings using the different fonts. And Panorama shows the Times font in the font list in graphics mode.

How do I get Panorama6 to recognize this old font so it doesn’t substitute Geneva, resulting in field content cutoff.

Or, can I just open the form in graphics mode, SelectAll and select the Times font. The desired result is all the titles and fields will return to Times but keep their individual sizes.

So much fun working with old files :slight_smile:

Panorama 6 (and earlier) kept track of fonts by font number. This caused all sorts of problems, so Panorama X keeps track of fonts by name. This has pretty much eliminated all of the font problems Panorama users used to run into.

Though your system has Times (New Roman) installed, apparently the font number is different than the font number on the system where this database was first developed. I suspect this is because there have been different versions of the Times font over the years.

Sure, that will work as long as you want every text object to be Times.