Launching the server

Is the Team Server available? I assumed so since the docs explain how to turn it on, but when I unlock it and click the go button, I get a “not enough credits” alert. So I bought more (now have 68 user months) and it still gives the same alert. Suggestions or info welcomed as always.

Thanks and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Requirements for using the Team Server are listed here.

The part you might be missing is

There is no up-front cost for the Panorama Server software itself, however, the Panorama Server application will not launch unless you have purchased the Deploying Shared Databases training course. See the next section, How do I sign up for the Deploying Shared Database course?

Thanks Dave. Server is now running and I’ve started watching the video. One more question for now: when the server is running, does it “cost” the same as any other PAN copy that’s in use? I ask cause this is strictly LAN usage and there’s no need for the server to be running after 6-7pm or before 8am.

Important note: During the public beta period (before the final release), the monthly fees for using Panorama X Server will be waived. The monthly charges described below will not begin until the final version of Panorama X 10.2 is released. (However, requirement to purchase the Deploying Shared Databases training course is not waived during the public beta period.)

When Panorama Server is used for database sharing , your Panorama X account will be debited each month based on the number of clients that connected to the server during the previous month. The debit will be two months per user (one for the client and one for the server). For example, if your organization has five users, your account will be debited ten months at the end of each month. If you are purchasing credits in increments of 60 months or more, this means that the cost per user will be $10, so $50/month for the hypothetical 5 user organization, or $100/month for a 10 user organization.

Gotcha. All I need to do is read more. :slight_smile: