Last Gasps on Web Serving

A site running on Pan 6 had to be moved to another server. It’s now set up and the cgi is working fine. That is until it is relaunched for any reason. Every time it starts up it’s set to No for Web Publishing and has to be manually reset to Yes.

The ServerConfig file is being saved with Yes for WebEnable and it shows changes if and when they’re made. I can’t figure out why it keeps reverting to No.

That used to happen all the time but it wasn’t actually set to “No”, it just displayed that it was. Have you tried using the site while it is set to No after relaunch?

I used to experience it quite a bit too but after a couple of tries it would stick. Today I’ve done it over and over and over again. After each relaunch the site fails to run the cgi scripts.

No means No.

I’ve never heard of this problem before. The ServerConfig.dat file is just a text file, you can edit it with BBEdit if you wish.

You will have to quit and relaunch the server to get it to recognize any changes you have made to this file in an external editor.

Make sure you don’t have some other program that could be changing this text file, for example DropBox or some sort of backup restore program.

That’s what has me confused. The dat file consistently shows web enabled as Yes. Yet Enterprise launches with Web Published disabled and requires a manual intervention.

I’ve tried toggling it etc., but the Yes never seems to have any influence.

I’m sure you’ve tried throwing away the config file and letting it make a new one, right?

Yes, and I’ve even tried re-ordering the lines in the dat file. Enterprise always recreates it and seems to read everything but the web server setting.

Is there any chance that there are TWO <WEBENABLE> lines in the file?

Nope, just one WEBENABLE. And deleting the whole dat file causes it to be re-written with the same problem.

But here’s an interesting observation. With the dat file highlighted in the Finder, I can see the first lines in the preview panel beside it. When Enterprise launches, the yes is removed.

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 4.16.14 PM

I checked the registration and all looks good. For whatever it might do I clicked to enable all options and was told they already are all enabled.

Weird. And one of those little tasks that should take moments and ends up devouring time and attention.

Did you ever figure out a solution for this?

Nothing so far. I tried everything I could think of but the issue persists. Fortunately the server has stayed up.

I have considered completely reinstalling Panorama - including the hidden folders.

Thinking about this from the point of someone who has not worked in this area of Panorama 6 at all, my first thought is that Panorama is searching to see if the ServerConfig file exists in the old location and then rewrites to the correct location when it can’t be found. This would cause the default values to be overwritten with every restart. Don’t know if this even possible but it would explain the strange behavior.