Larger Procedures

Mr Rea
Ever since learning of PanX was on the horizon I’ve been planning on revamping and hopefully simplifying my complex series of procedures. Will PanX allow for larger procedures. Also I’ve ordered a new Mac. Will I be able to run PanX on either machine or will I have to transfer PanX from my old machine to new machine. Thank You for your help.

As Quoted from the Panorama X Help file:

Note: Unlike Panorama 6 and earlier, there is no limit on the amount of text that can be used in a single procedure.

Yes, you can even have Panorama X open on both machines simultaneously but you can only be actually working on one at a time.

In addition to allowing unlimited length procedures, Panorama X now has new features like callwithin that allow you to embed multiple subroutines in a single procedure. Between this, and the ability to embed code directly in graphic objects and database fields, you can often significantly cut down the number of items in the View menu.