Key Statement from Pan 6

can somebody tell me how to replace in Pan X Procedures the former Key Statement from Pan 6?
thnx for any hint

I don’t think there is a way to do that. I certainly miss the Key statement in Pan X as well.

any workaround thinkable?

For what purpose would the Key statement be used?

Well, the last time I had a use for it was to procedurally go to graphics mode, select a few objects and then use the Key statement to group the objects from the menu with a Control-G. There is no other way to group objects with a procedure.

You might play with Sendaction. Its limited documentation states it’s unsupported, but it might let you mimic some stuff. E.g., for Gary’s example try sendaction "group" I haven’t tried it for this, but have tried it for some other things.

This is definitely not supported, but I think these commands will work.

sendaction "groupObjects:"
sendaction "unGroupObjects:"

I think this is a key response to the original question. If you tell us what you wanted to do with the key statement, perhaps an alternative can be suggested. Also, have you looked into programs like Keyboard Maestro? Back in the days of Panorama II, when the key statement was invented, Panorama needed to do everything because many of these sorts of utilities were not available. It’s no longer necessary for Panorama to do everything on it’s own.

I’m still using QuicKeys which is AppleScriptable for remote keystrokes.