JSON date export

Has anybody been successful in exporting dates in Panorama via JSON? I see the help notes –– that this is not supported. Does anybody have a workaround?

I don’t use JSON, but have you tried
databaseexportjson ?

The databaseexportjson statement exports selected records in the current database in JSON format to a text file.


This statement has one parameter:

jsonfile – path and name of JSON file, or “” to ask user.

Panorama does not explicitly support dates in JSON because there is no standard format for dates in JSON. Presumably you are exporting JSON because you want to transfer data into some other program – you’ll have to figure out what date format the other program expects and use the datepattern( function to convert Panorama dates into that format.

Here’s a Stack Overflow page that is probably a good starting point for your quest. I’ll apologize in advance if this post leaves you more confused than when you started.