Jony Ive, talking about the removal of the Home button on the iPhone X

I saw this excerpt from a Jony Ive interview just now:

How does Apple decide when it’s time to move on? It’s not a decision to get rid of an existing technology as much as it’s a willingness to accept that what’s familiar isn’t always what’s best. “I actually think the path of holding onto features that have been effective, the path of holding onto those whatever the cost, is a path that leads to failure,” says Ive. “And in the short term, it’s the path the feels less risky and it’s the path that feels more secure.”

I mention this because it seems to me that could have been talking about Panorama X vs. Panorama 6. Of course I’m no Jony Ive, but I try to aim high. Also not everyone likes Mr. Ive’s work, but you can’t argue with the success.

By the way, yesterday I got to demonstrate Panorama X to a quite well known ex-Apple employee, and he really loved it. In fact I was originally supposed to get 2 minutes and we wound up spending 45 minutes. We’ll see if anything comes out of that, but it was pretty awesome to see the reaction.

Here is the link to the complete Jony Ive interview.


What type of outcome from Apple people are you interested in seeing?

was it Woz? :slight_smile: