Join two text csv files based on Key

I’m new to Panorama and I have a specific task I want to perform. I have a csv with 20,000 names that I want to perform a key join with the names of another csv file that has over 400,000 names, exporting the data from the larger file based on this key join. Is this possible to do with Panorama X?

I’d import the two files into separate databases, then add fields to the smaller appropriate for the additional data you want to retrieve from the larger, then fill those fields using the lookup( functions.

If you “retrieve from the larger”, every lookup will have to search through 400,00 entries, rather than 20,000, so maybe the other way around.

That might reduce the likelihood of memory overload but whichever way you do it, you are going to have to perform 8 billion comparisons. If you find that the lookup bogs down (and I suspect it will), you could try my AcceleratedLookup procedure in the Panorama Database Exchange.