It seems to be impossible to print an envelope in Panorama X

I have tried to set up Panorama X to print a #10 envelope. I have tried it by using printtopdf and by using Page Setup. Printtopdf generates a file vertically oriented, and nothing shows on the page, despite trying various ways of specifying orientation and page size. Page Setup also results in nothing on the page. It may be that the text is not on the printing area, but I have no idea how I would get it there.

Has anyone been able to print a #10 envelope using Panorama X? I need to generate a lot of letters with envelopes.

I am thinking at this point, I need to abandon X and go back to Panorama 6 for business work.

For whatever it is worth, I was able to to print an envelope in landscape orientation, as shown in this movie.

The movie shows printing to a PDF file, but it also worked when sent to the printer.

I was also able to print landscape using the printtopdf statement.

printtopdf "~/Desktop/test print.pdf","orientation","landscape"

Make sure that you set up the data tile. It didn’t work when I left that off, perhaps that is why it isn’t working for you.

Yes, I just found that out. I have been testing this and found that was necessary.

Incidentally, the documentation for printtopdf should have a sample file name, like you have above. It is always best to have the most complicated options demonstrated.

Hey, here is something cool!

First of all, in printtopdf, Height and Width do not set orientation. It seems that the long direction is the height, and the short direction is width, no matter how they are written in the procedure.

Secondly, I have envelopes in one tray, and letter paper in the second, and the choice is made accordingly. That is great!

Maybe there is some hope for me, yet!

Okay, another thing that I have learned is that if the Data Sheet is the active window, the Form option is ignored, and the Data Sheet is printed instead, on whatever size paper you use. I think this is a bug.

This is the documented behavior of this option. It says in the printtopdf documentation under the Form option:

Note: This option will only work if the current window is a form window. If the current window is a data sheet or procedure window, that window will be printed even if an alternate form has been specified.

One learns by making mistakes!

If this was true I’d be a genius!