Is this a bug? Open ALE

OK, I made a new database, and added a choosefiledialog procedure. I’ll name the procedure “Open ALE…”

Running it from a menu works as expected, let’s make a button.

Made a push button, and in the procedure window I put ’ call “Open ALE…” ’ (without the single quotes, of course.

Push button, get error dialog. Rename procedure “Open ALE” and adjust button code to be ’ call “Open ALE” ’ and it all works fine.

Does it ever end!!! :slight_smile:


It’s not a bug – you made a typo. Maybe … (ellipsis) vs. … (three dots)? Or maybe there was an extra space at the end of the procedure name?

I just did what you said, it works perfectly. In situations like this I usually like to copy the procedure name and then paste it into the code, that way you know there is no mistake.

I tried it again, this morning, twice, and it looks like MacOS will insert an ellipsis if i type 3 dots at the right speed. Shortcuts!


I think you can turn that off in the Keyboard control pane. You can also turn off smart quote substitution.