Is there a bug when changing the name of a procedure in the procedure properties window?

I wanted to setup an automatic procedure triggered by clicking on the Delete button in the DataSheet. I could not get the procedure to work. I finally discovered that I had a typo in the name of my .DeleteRecord procedure. When I corrected name in the procedure properties window, for some reason PanX did not recognize the change, and the procedure still would not auto trigger. After fiddling for some time, I got the procedure to auto trigger correctly when I clicked the Delete button on the DataSheet. I am still not sure what I did to finally make the procedure name change take affect. Saving with a Command-S in the Procedure Property window had no affect. Clicking on the Check Program button at the top of the Procedure window had no affect. Clicking the Run button had no affect. It appears to me that there needs to be a Submit button or something in the Procedure Properties window to cause PanX to recognize the change. Of course, this anomaly could be me doing something wrong.

Pressing the Return or Enter keys or clicking anywhere else in the procedure window will update the name.

Two things that will not update the name are clicking on another window or closing the window.

Thanks for the reply, Jim. You are right. Clicking the Return/Enter key works. Clicking inside the code area of the procedure window works. However, clicking on the header of the procedure window or its buttons such as the Check Program button and the Run button does not work. To be clear, I am talking about running the .DeleteRecord auto trigger program when clicking on the Delete button in the DataSheet after correcting the name, “.DeleteRecord” in the procedure properties window. In my opinion, a Submit or Update button in the procedure properties window would be beneficial.

I’ve added a bug report.