Is the "BalloonHelpText" gone from PanX? (Answer: See "Tool Tips")

Is the “BalloonHelpText” functionality gone from Pan X? I used to find it very useful in Pan 6. I cannot find any reference to it in the Pan X help.

Balloon Help has been gone in Macintosh, so it’s gone in Panorama X as well.

Panorama X uses ToolTips as a replacement for the BallonHelp feature of Panorama 6. You can add a ToolTip to any object on a form using this feature found in the Measurements panel.

It seems (as far as I can tell) that the ToolTip can only be on a single line which might make it somewhat restricted in use. You can make a simple rectangular object the size of the area you want the trigger to be active and either have it transparent or the color of the background. Add the desired text to the ToolTip input and then place the object where you want the text to to be triggered. Send it to the back so it is invisible. The ToolTip will still trigger even though it is in the background behind other objects.

I just experimented further and see now that a ToolTip can expand to multi-line if there is enough text to trigger multi-line display.

This removes that restriction and make their use much more robust. Apple, howver, recommends keeping these ToolTips as short as possible:

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