Is "Groupup by Quarter" working properly in Panorama X (build 1943)?

Is “Groupup by Quarter” in Panorama X working properly for others?

For me, it’s not selecting the Quarters properly, as it includes Jan- April in the first quarter. Here’s a screenshot. If it is working for others, any idea what I’m doing wrong to get this result?

It seems as if the quarters are calculated from the first date (1/30/2016), not starting with 1/1/2016.

Thank you for your reply KJM. But even if I change the day of the months to the first day, I still get the error.

Yes, it appears that Group by Quarter doesn’t work correctly. Hopefully should be an easy fix. I have filed an issue.

Ok, I fixed this, the fix will be in the next release. It turns out the quarter1st( function was broken also.