Is a deleteprocedure statement possible?

The availability of a deleteprocedure statement would make my life a lot easier and I suspect a lot of other users would like it. Is it a major task?

There is an easy way to delete procedures: Open the View Organizer and drag the procedure to the trash can at the bottom of the window.

I would prefer this command as an item in the context menu of the View Organizer, because the trash can is quite hard to see with the given low contrast (light grey on light grey).

I know that. I want a statement that I can put into a procedure.

You can do this with the setprocedureoptions statement:

setprocedureoptions "","MyUnwantedProcedure","DELETE",""

This issue has been addressed on Bitbucket and resolved for the next release.

I’m sure there is some exception that I can’t think of right now, but if some action can be done in Panorama’s user interface, it can almost certainly be done in a procedure. My philosophy in building Panorama X is to implement a feature in a statement or function, then use that to build the user interface. That way, it is ensured that every operation is programmable. On the other hand, non-programmers don’t need to be concerned about this, they can just use the user interface provided. But if you are willing to learn programming you can build your own fully customized applications.

In this case, the View Organizer is just a Panorama database. The only difference from any other Panorama database is that it appears in the View menu. But the contents of the database are ordinary forms and procedures. So for sure anything that the View Organizer does can also be done in your own programs.

I know when I’m trying to figure out how to do something often the most important first step is figuring out whether it can be done at all. So if I see some other application doing it I know it must be possible, I just have to dig thru the documentation (and perhaps to figure out how to do it. The same applies to Panorama – if you see something being done in a dialog or wizard, be inspired to know you can do it too.

Excellent Gary! Thank you. And this makes it UNDO-able:

startdatabasechange "ProcedureConfiguration"