Invoice & Price List Calculations

I have two dB; similar to Price List [UnitCosts] and Invoices [Bundle PriceBldr]. The UnitCosts dB has a Text List for selecting items to include in the Bundle as well as a procedure to Add Item to Bundle. The PriceBldr dB has a form with a Line Item table and formulas to calculate AmountΩ and SubTotal. I can select (highlight) an item in the Text List and the data is copied to the Line Item table when the procedure Action is selected. Unfortunately, the calculations for the line item Amount and SubTotal are not happening. I have to insert the cursor into one of the numeric line items then press Return on the keyboard. I have to do this for each record.

Add Item to Bundle code:
window “AEPriceBldr:Item Entry”
emptyfield “ItemΩ”
if error
nsnotify “No more items available.”

Check out the runfieldcode statement along with the help page for Automatic Field Code and the section called Automatic Code vs. Automatic Field Calculations.