Interview with Jim Rea on MacStock Stories

Earlier this year I recorded a video interview with Mike Potter. Mike has been organizing the MacStock conference for the several years, which I attended in 2019. I really enjoyed MacStock and hope to attend again in the future.

Mike was a great interviewer and I really enjoyed our conversation. We talked about early Macintosh history for about a half hour, and then had an extended conversation about the development of OverVUE and Panorama from 1984 all the way to the present. If that sounds interesting, the video was just posted on YouTube.

Note: The actual recording was about 6 months ago, but was only posted yesterday.

Wow. That takes me back…Fun review. I was an OverVue user, but I can’t remember much about it. :slight_smile:

Except that it was INCREDIBLY faster that Filemaker.