Intermediate Magnify Options?

Hello Pan X enthusiasts!

As my eyes become dimmer with age, the magnify menu function becomes more important.

The photo below shows the different Magnify options.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 4.04.01 PM

Is there a way to select a Magnify option not listed above? For example, could I magnify a form to 110%? If so, how?

Thank you!

There’s no user interface, but you can use the magnification statement with any scaling factor.

Please note that some types of Apple “widgets” (buttons, etc.) don’t scale properly at anything other than 100%. For example, here’s a check box at 200%, the text size is doubled, but the the box itself always displays at 100% (since Apple’s code doesn’t know about Panorama zooming).


Instead of using Panorama’s zoom, you may want to use Apple’s accessibility zoom.

Thank you Jim. This statement works well for me, as some of my forms carried over from Pan 6 benefit from a little magnification.

Does this magnification work with a form using report tiles, and the format selected to “View-as-List”?

No, it does not.

One thing you might consider is changing the resolution of your display in System Preferences>Displays. Change resolution to Scaled and choose Larger Text. I had to get a new iMac for my wife, and she had trouble reading the text, and that helped her. Of course, it changes it for everything, but that may not be bad.