Interaction between two open Help files

PanX was recently modified to allow multiple copies of the Help file to be open (very useful for what I’m doing). But, with two Help files open, any action in the second one opened resets the first one back to all items selected. Similar action in the first doesn’t have that effect on the second. I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional.

Whatever it is, I cannot duplicate it. When I have multiple help windows open, they are all independent of each other, and actions in one window have no effect on the others.

The only thing I notice with two Help windows open is that if you enter search text in one it occasionally will refresh the other list as well (flash off and then on again) but not change anything. This happens all the time when deleting text in the front search area.

Well, there is clearly something very odd going on in my machine. I’m getting set up to do a clean install of Sierra and then I’ll just feed in files and apps as I need them. Hopefully, that will make lif easier.