Intensive Train vids - access prob from within Pan X (fixed on Nov 7 by Vimeo)

Is something funny in the forum? The last 2 responses to my 10/27 question about this never appeared on the email thread nor in my personal email, though I am supposedly tracking the thread. This same problem is occurring with another thread I started yesterday.

Same here. I have mailing list mode selected, so I should get every post. When I checked my email this morning, there was nothing new, but when I logged on to the forum, there were several new ones, but none of them within the last ten minutes.

According to one of the admin pages, I and everyone else who has mailing list mode enabled, was sent my post above 9 minutes ago, but I haven’t gotten it. The last one I received was Wednesday morning.

I’ve been getting all the posts in my email.

Same here, however I have had a few posts in the past that did not make it to my email. Also I have had my Categories changed to “Panorama X” from my normal “all categories” setting all by itself a number of times along the way.

Still not, here. I haven’t gotten anything since 9:14 am PDT on Nov 2. I checked all over my junk folders etc., and nothing.
Dave, are you using Outlook? As your Big 10 brother (OSU emeritus, UofI alum) I’m forced to do so whether I want to or not in order to keep access to my OSU email account. I’m wondering if that’s the problem. I did see a notification of one of your emails this morning flash across the top of my screen, but it didn’t land anywhere that I could find.

Yes I am. Not the desktop client, but the web mail. The spam digest I get from Proof Point, and the Junk Email folder from Microsoft are both empty.

Discourse was updated two days ago, and it was two days ago that we both stopped getting email from the forum. Maybe the update created some sort of conflict with Microsoft Exchange.

Aha! Yet another thing for some long-suffering person to troubleshoot.

My main email account is through Microsoft Exchange but using Apple Mail. I have had no problem getting the posts so ME alone is probably not the problem.

This morning Vimeo sent us a notice that they had fixed the problem, and it looks like they are correct. In my testing all of the training videos are now working properly again, with no change needed in Panorama. Apparently this problem also affected some iOS software. For anyone that has been waiting to watch training videos, you should be able to do so now.

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