Instrumentation on Web Server

Should Instrumentation work with web serving? In trying to find the status of variables or progress through procedures, I’ve been unable to get anything to show in either Console or Terminal.

Have you tried using zlogalways in this situation? I use this often in code in the Properties panel which would otherwise not execute a standard zlog statement. Just a thought.

I have been using stdout to send messages to the Terminal for web procedures. I’m not sure if this works with Console.

Funny that you should ask that now. Over labor day weekend I was able to put together some concentrated time to do a major revamp in this area. I got all of the code working by the end of the weekend. Unfortunately, since the work week started I have gotten bogged down in writing the documentation for this, but here is what I have so far.

Please don’t ask any questions about this now, because - a) most of it won’t work until b29 is available, and b) nearly half of the documentation is missing. But this is coming soon. (WebServerInfo has also been added to b29. Cookie support, however, is still missing.)

That is actually the currently documented solution for using instrumentation on the server. But I decided that wasn’t good enough.

Yes, that will also work, and should work with Console on the server computer.

In spite of knowing it all, I didn’t know about zlogalways or stdout. Thanks for those. zlogalways is doing what I need so I’m taking that route for now.

I tried not to take the lack of cookie support personally before realizing you meant javascript cookies. :smile:

So far I’ve only cruised through it lightly but I like the looks of the URL Tools.

With one web server running a full-time site for several weeks now, Panorama Server is proving to be highly reliable. I’m pleased and have more sites and servers in the queue, free of trepidation.

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