Installed Panorama X 10.2 b30 Update and now crashes on startup

I installed Panorama X 10.2 b30 Update, and now Pan X crashes on startup.
Nothing else has changed
MacOS Monterey 12.6

Any Suggestions?

Usual things: delete the preferences, restart the computer, reinstall a fresh copy.

Since we haven’t heard further from @ChuckieM, I hope that means that @BruceDeB’s suggestions were helpful – they were the same suggestions I would have. Haven’t had anyone else report crashing on startup with this new version.

Well, it’s not crashing on me, but I’m not getting that far. After I downloaded the update and clicked Install, I get this error message:

arraychange( function: ARRAY parameter must be text.

Any suggestions for this??

Never mind. I found the other thread where this is discussed.

Looked in Library preferences folder, can’t find anything related to Panorama.
I know this is annoying for those of you that do this for a living, but I need more instructions.
Thanks, hopefully, Chuck

In ~/Library/Preferences I have:


On a separate post you mentioned you created a View as List form that caused a crash and Panorama then crashed upon startup. If you are starting Panorama X b30 by double clicking that database the problem is with the database and not Panorama X itself.

In this case you want to first open Panorama X by itself without any databases. Once open, click on the Find & Open… item in the File menu and right click on the problem file. This will popup a menu containing Open Data Sheet Only and you select that item. Chances are your file will now open and you can delete the View as List form by opening the View Organizer from the View menu and dragging the form to the trash icon at the bottom of the dialog window. Hopefully this will solve your problem.


deleted “com.provue.PanoramaX.plist”, I did not find the other one
Deleted all versions of Panorama, Kept the zip file with b30 in it
Shutdown, then restarted.

Reopened zip file, installed PanXb30, and it is now working fine.

Thanks, everyone for your help.