Installations on more than one machine

is it permitted to have panorama x installed on two different machines under the same license if you’re only running one of them at a time, or would you need to license two copies?

From Pan X help:

Do I need multiple accounts to use Panorama on multiple computers?

No. A Panorama account can be associated with one computer or a hundred. All you have to do to start using a computer is log on with the e-mail address and password.

If you are using Panorama for personal use, you can log on and use Panorama on multiple computers at no extra charge, as long as you are only using one computer at a time. You don’t have to log off or even quit Panorama when you are not using it on a computer, Panorama only counts actual usage.

If a Panorama account is being actively used on multiple computers at the same time (for example in a company), charges will be accrued for each computer used during the month for more than one hour. You don’t have to keep track of serial numbers (there aren’t any), and you can use more or less computers each month as needed. Essentially, a Panorama account is a form of site license, except that instead of paying in a lump sum, payments are made based on usage.

thank you bill