Install Pan 6 from Panorama X Preference Dialog

Panorama X Preferences Panel has the Install Panorama 6 button. After clicking the button and trying to launch dmg file I get a message “Image not recognized” this is happening on High Sierra 10.13.6. Thoughts

Haven’t had any other reports of a problem like that. Perhaps try the download again.

Will try and let you know tomorrow. Thank you Jim.

Tried again on 2 different computers still getting the error message

Also, if you click on the Code 7 error tab it shows a 404 error

I just tried this and got the same result as you did. The ISP on which this file is hosted has been going thru some transitions recently, I’ve been moving most files from them to, but this particular file hasn’t been moved yet. It will be the next time Panorama X is released (the file is actually moved but Panoama X itself is hardcoded to the old location). So for now, you’ll have to use the download link on this page.

I know about the 404 error for the Code 7 error tab, that has also been fixed in the next release of Panorama X.

Here’s another report of the same problem — the download of Panorama600-121629.dmg. which PanoramaX preferences sent me to does not open on MacOS Yosemite or Mojave. The error message says “ Image not Recognized.”

I looked at that a couple of weeks ago and & got the same error. If it is of any help, and if remember correctly when i looked at the size of the downloaded file it was essentially and empty file.

Thanks, tomp – you’re right. Panorama600-121629.dmg is just an empty file.

And I found a link to a complete copy of Panorama600-121629 on this page.

Jim, Apple security software is preventing Pan 6.0.0 from installing on my Mac Mini running High Sierra, although your info page says the app should be compatible. The popup says it’s a library extension problem.

I want to install and move my authorization from my MacBook Pro to the Mini, in order to move all Pan files (27 years worth) to the Mini. I do not intend to use Pan X. You’re brilliant at this, as my nearly 3 decades of loyalty and $$ investment show, but the new Pan X has become too erudite for my tastes. A couple of generous forum members have offered assistance in setting up the new version, but I need to interface with my accountant and others, as well as integrate with a couple of online accounting and DRM sites.

I may be an irritant and I’m sorry, but after using up a year of a 5-year license purchase trying to get Pan X to work for me there should be some provision for an exit strategy.

This is Gatekeeper randomization, which is preventing Panorama from finding that library. Go to

for instructions on disabling Gatekeeper.

You will also need to disable System Integrity Protection so that you can register it. Instructions for that are at