Input Patterns in Pan 6

Looking through an old Panorama II Handbook (!) I see a discussion of Input Pattern options in the Design Sheet - a whole dialog that lets you set all sorts of input formats and filters. What interests me most is being able to restrict what characters will be accepted for input. This facet of the pattern settings seems to be long gone in Pan 6, but I see it has been revived in Pan X. For the time being, while 6 is still my working environment, I would like to be able to restrict input in a particular field to just A…Z and 0…9. Is there a way in Pan 6 to do this at the Design Sheet level?

This feature is not long gone! It is called Input Range – the Input Pattern is a different feature, so I think that is what threw you off the scent. For what you want to do just set the range to AZ09. This can be done in either the design sheet or the Field Properties dialog.

Yes, thrown off. I see it now. And it works, in fact better than I expected. I am using a TESO with a variable for the initial input of this value, and putting the range restriction on the field doesn’t affect the TESO processing … but oh yes it does if you check “Use Field Attributes” of the field in question. I’m learning things about Pan 6 I never knew!