Initialize not working

Hello Friends,
The initialize statement is not working for SGCS Family Info.18_19.pandb.

OpenFile “SGCS Family Info.19_20.pandb”
OpenFile “SGCS Family Info.18_19.pandb”
OpenFile “SGCS Teachers Lookup.18_19.pandb”
OpenFile “SGCS Teachers Lookup.19_20.pandb”
Local x x = arraytrim(arrayreverse(info(“windows”),¶),1,¶) arrayfilter x,x,¶,{window “}+import()+{”} execute x

If I open the SGCS Family Info.18_19.pand database the other three files do not open. They are all in the same folder.

Does your procedure have a leading period? The name Initialize won’t work - it must be .Initialize.

Also note, it is spelled with an upper case I, as Michael spelled it.

Thank you all for your response. I did not have a period in front of initialize.