Initial window position settings bug

The window position settings of the first window opened are ignored, and the window opens in its position when last saved, if the first of the initial settings is 0, as in, eg,


That’s correct, the initial top and left position must be greater than zero. One is allowed, so you could use


Thanks, maybe there is no position 0? Anyway, it doesn’t seem to be documented and that would be worth doing I reckon.

There is a position 0, it’s the very top edge and left edge of the screen. You wouldn’t want to use 0 for the top edge anyway since that would conflict with the menu bar.

Ok, I’ve added a note about this to the documentation.

Although I’ve used the Window Dimensions tool in the Window menu in a different context, I only recently realised just how useful is in entering the screen coordinates for initial window position settings. You can simply size the window on-screen and drag it wherever you want it, and use the tool to copy the coordinates for pasting into the Initial Dimensions space in the Form Properties panel of the form.


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