Info("windowvariables") is not working?

I have a simple procedure using info(“windowvariables”). It seems to do nothing but cause crashes. Is there a known issue with this? I did not see it on bitbucket.

I just tried the following procedure with a form window in front

windowglobal xxx xxx = "howdy" message info("windowvariables")

The message correctly said xxx. Then I commented out the first two lines, and ran it again, first with the form in front, and then with the data sheet in front. It correctly read xxx for the form, and gave me a blank message alert for the data sheet.

That very simple test worked OK. I think we need to see your procedure to figure out what is going on.


I am only using fileglobal variables, so I think this one is user error. For some reason I was thinking this would give me all the variables I am using for a form. Thanks Dave.

My data sheet didn’t have any window variables either, and that didn’t crash it. If there was a crash, there is a bug. Your errors should result in error alerts, not crashes.


Steve, when you say “crash” do you mean Panorama stops running? If so, as Dave says that would definitely be a bug. If you’re just not getting what you are expecting, but Panorama continues to run, that is not called a crash. If there is a situation where info("windowvariables") causes a crash that would definitely be a bug. I would be really surprised if that happens, it’s only 5 lines of code and pretty well tested, but please clarify what you mean by “crash”.

Hi Jim, it did not crash immediately following the use of info(“window variables”), it crashed a little bit later. I have not tracked down a repeatable reason for my crashes, although I think it has something to do with tabs and or 2 monitors. I can’t repeat it though some of the anomalies are form elements from a tab show up on another form when I use goform. It all goes away when I quit and restart, many times it seems “self healing”, the form artifacts will be there, I go to another form in the same window then go back and the artifacts are gone. If I can figure out how to make it happen, I will inform you what I discovered.