Info("matrixrow") errors

When used in matrix procedure panels, info(“matrixrow”) returns the number of the matrix row clicked when the rows are clicked in any ascending numeric order, but retains the previous matrix row number when rows are first clicked in any descending order.

I discovered this using 10.2 b13, but it also happens in 10.1.2. I must say I find this very hard to believe.

Enclosed is a .gif of a very basic test matrix, created with the constructor, showing this.



Well, the .gif obviously doesn’t cut the mustard, perhaps it’s too big although there was no warning that this was the case when I uploaded the file in my reply window.

Another attempt.matrixrow

Well you’ve left out any details that would help in attempting to duplicate this problem. I did create a matrix with the constructor and it worked just fine, displayed the correct row every time no matter what order the cells were clicked in. So there is a problem either with your code or one of the matrix settings.

I experienced the issue in a matrix recently set up with the constructor, and got the same error running the file on several different Macs.

Then I constructed this very bare matrix, containing only the message code in the matrix procedure panel, in an otherwise empty file, to demonstrate the issue. The code is message "Matrix row "+info("matrixrow")+" clicked"

Should I email the test file to you?

Yes please.

Finally found the cause of this error, which you can reproduce by setting up a simple one column, 3-row array with a formula such as


in a text display object in the matrix frame. The matrix row error occurs unless you select something (even the cedilla) in the Content Data popup menu and you tick both Pass Thru and Database Navigator boxes in the Data frame of the Matrix custom attributes panel of the matrix:

There’s no earthly reason that you’d suspect that the lack of any of these settings would cause the matrix row error, as there’s no database data involved when the matrix is displaying the contents of an array.

Oh the tears before bedtime I’ve shed over this one!

I meant the tilde, not cedilla.

This is definitely NOT the way to set up a matrix.

What you should do is make the formula for the matrix with the values to be displayed, in this case:


Then the formula in the text display object should be:


I would suggest going back and studying the basic matrix documentation.

Or even better would be to watch the Matrix Objects intensive training video (if you have purchased the intensive training course).