Info("matrixcelldata") and more than 1 matrix on a form

I have a tab panel form that uses several matrix objects. Some of the matrix objects will be displayed in the tab panel and 1 or 2 others are a part of the same form but not the tab panels. I have all the names different for all the important variables and object names. I have been putting all the frame objects out of sight o n the same form.

I just noticed that all the frame objects using Text Display Objects and info(“matrixcelldata”) show data from the last interaction with a Matrix. Is this normal?

All seems to be ok, although I have had several crashes.

The Tab Panel video slides 39-41 discusses how to set up a matrix for use with a tab panel. The best bet is to put the matrix frame object on a separate form. I also have the written documentation for this ready and it will be included in the next release of Panorama X.