Info("Keyboard") works sometimes

Dave had sent me a procedure that used Info(“Keyboard”) and displayed a message if Tab or Return was pressed. This works so I pasted it into my procedure and it worked there. However, when I added the CloseWindow statement after the Message statement, nothing happened. InsertRecord, FirstRecord and LastRecord did work but GoForm did not. The active window is a single record form.

You’re throwing buts and pieces at us, but seeing your procedure would be much more useful.

You mention the “Message statement” but without any context or example of how that or any other elements are bing put together.

Greg, to show the possibilities of interpretation - if you displayed a message, I believe the procedure stops until you dismiss the message. So if I had code after the message statement, I would experience, “nothing happening” - until after the message window/dialog was closed.

For that reason seeing the actual procedure code is so useful.

Long ago, people would ask me to assist with their coding projects. They’d start by telling what the code was doing and I’d have to gently stop them. Because they were really just telling me what they thought the code was doing. I could look at the code itself and know exactly what it was doing - which often was not what the user thought - if that makes any sense.

The actual procedure code allows us to duplicate your situation and use all the debugging tricks, facilities, and witchcraft to figure out what’s going on.