Info about keyboard shortcuts

Is there a list somewhere with all Panorama X keyboard shortcuts?

No, sorry, there is no list other than simply viewing the menus – almost all of the keyboard shortcuts are displayed in the menus.

The only exceptions I can think of would be in graphics mode:

  • Arrow keys for nudging objects
  • S key to resize instead of moving objects
  • Space bar for selection marquee instead of dragging objects

All of these are discussed on this tutorial page:

Also you can use shift-arrow to move things10 pixels instead of one at a time. There is is also the escape key to toggle a form between data and graphics mode (does not work in a View-as-List forms however). Also, to select objects crowded on top of another object you can hold down the space bar when starting the selection area within the bounds of the lower object and that lower object won’t be included in the selection.

This is why I read every post that is posted. I just learned about the escape key toggle. That is awesome. Thanks!

I forgot about that one, though I use it frequently. It works in Panorama 6 as well, in fact it may go back more than 20 years (which is why I forgot to mention it).

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, pressing the Escape key toggles a form window into/out of graphics mode.

Also, you can use the Escape key to cancel a dialog.

I am entering lots of small records. A shortcut for ADD record would be great.

It’s easy to add your own procedure with a keyboard shortcut.

If there are other routine steps involved in adding a new record, add them to the procedure

The utility CheatSheet lists hot key shortcuts available in the current application. I don’t know if it catches all of them, but it’s free and easy to use. Most of what I see under PanoramaX there appear to be from my Services menu rather than PanX itself.

You can easily assign hot keys to your procedures. For that matter you can make major changes to the menus themselves, including hot keys, using PanX’s tools. But don’t forget the easiest solution: OSX itself lets you assign or change application hotkeys via the Keyboard entry of System Preferences. I’d missed Pan6’s shortcut for addRecord, so I just added it there.

There is another utility for this purpose: KeyCue by Ergonis Software. It has a free Demo mode.

There is one common factor for both utilities: They display shortcuts available in the menus, not any hidden ones.

So you would not have the chance to find the Escape key for toggling the Data/Graphic Mode in form windows, because the menu items Window > Switch to Graphic Mode and Window > Switch to Data Mode do not display the shortcut.

Maybe Jim could add the shortcut there?

The shortcuts added via System Preferences display in the menus thus Jim’s efforts may not be needed. However on trying to add this myself I discovered an Apple limitation or perhaps an Apple bug.

Keyboard preference’s dialog box for adding shortcuts doesn’t display anything if I touch either just esc on my Touch Bar, or that plus the ⇧ key. If I touch esc plus any combination of ⌘,⌤,⌥ I get ⎋ (rather than the ␛I’d expected) plus those modifier keys. Adding ⇧ to esc plus some of those three modifier keys adds ⇧ to what’s shown. To get ⎋ alone I have to input Fn-esc, to get ⇧⎋ I have to input Fn-⇧-esc. What shows in the Keyboard preferences dialog box then shows in PanX’s menus.

However, in playing with the above, the menus sometimes didn’t track properly. With a form window foremost in data mode sometimes there’d be no Action menu and the Window menu would include Switch to Data Mode ⎋. With a form window foremost in graphic mode sometimes there’d be an Action menu and the Window menu would include Switch to Graphics Mode ⎋. The menus displayed weren’t always off and I couldn’t spot an obvious pattern for when they’d be off. I suspect an Apple rather than a PanoramaX bug for them getting off as I’d guess all or nearly all of this would be done via their standard code.

I’m running High Sierra. I was able to restore normal behavior, but decided to leave the escape key toggle out of my Keyboard preferences, hoping my recent experiences implanted it in my brain instead.