Incorrect dates not being corrected

In Pan 6 if one accidentally enters a date that does not exist, i.e. 06/31/20 it would flag the error. Pan X does not, it changes the date to July 1 for example. If, however you accidentally enter 06/32/20 (a typo) it leaves the field blank.This can be a problem when manually entering dates as we may not catch the change but need the date to be the last day of the month. Bug or feature?

This issue has come up before:

Funny I looked to see if it did but nothjing came up, I guess my search criteria was off. Hopefully it gets fixed.

The title to my earlier post was quite unhelpful to those searching, so I guess I am to blame if someone does not find it.


I don’t usually pre-announce features and fixes that aren’t yet available, but recently I did a lot of work in connection with validation of data input. This bug is fixed, but there is quite a bit more to it than just a bug fix.

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I noticed the one example of validating an entry into a numeric field, where the entry was “3 bedrooms” instead of “3” and thought maybe there should be an additional Strip to Number button, to speed up the correction.